Yoga Retreat

Mallorca yoga retreat. Last November 2022 I led in the charming Finca Ed Cabas in Mallorca a stunning yoga retreat.
We had the opportunity to explore the 4 Elements which are typically referred to as water, earth, fire, and air, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matters with the simplicity of the different substances.

Our Journey 

  • The first day will start with a grounding sensation that the earth can give us through breathwork, meditation, and poses meant to infuse strength, stability, and balance. 

  • The second day, we will be moving like water, a fluid that will help us to cultivate adaptability and flexibility. Our flow and meditation will be focused on creativity and sensuality.

  • We got now halfway through our time together, and on this day we will experience the power of the fire element which will be all about inner strength to achieve goals, willpower, and self-belief.

  • Here we are, on our final day of this journey! Lots have been moved, physically and mentally. We are ready to open our hearts through the air element which symbolizes the freedom of expansion and the door to our inner temple.
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